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What is a hash

The hash, or hash function, is a special cryptographic function that is used to generate unique and unrepeatable identifiers.

What is a private key

The private key is one of the keys that is generated during the asymmetric cryptographic system key generation procedure.

How a bitcoin transaction works

Do you know how Bitcoin transactions work? At Bit2Me Academy we explain the details of its operation and you can use Bitcoin properly.

What is the Block reward

The block reward is the benefit of cryptocurrency mining and furthermore, it is how new cryptocurrencies are issued within a blockchain.

What is hashrate

The hash rate is one of the most important concepts in the world of cryptocurrencies, as it has an impact on its security, decentralization and sustainability.

What is complexity

Difficulty is a piece of information used to increase or decrease the complexity behind block mining such as Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

What is proof of work (PoW)

The Proof of Work protocol is a consensus protocol designed to avoid the indiscriminate use of network resources.

What is a Block

A block is the link in the entire blockchain chain that contains information and all transactions and cannot be altered.

What is a smart contract

How do Bitcoin smart contracts work and what are they used for? Discover the most revolutionary projects

Bitcoin Script

Bitcoin Script is the programming language of Bitcoin and the fundamental piece that allows all possible operations to be carried out on this blockchain.

Can I get free Bitcoin?

Get free bitcoins: myth or reality? Here we tell you what is the truth about where and how to get bitcoins for free.

Invest in Bitcoins

Knowing how to safely invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies does not have to be a headache and that is why here we give you some tips.

Bitcoin Whitepaper in Spanish

Before appearing as software, Satoshi Nakamoto released a text explaining Bitcoin. Discover its origin with the Bitcoin whitepaper translated into Spanish.