Learn how to start in the world of Axie Infinity, one of the biggest Play2Earn games in the world, and that has started a revolution in the world of video games. 

Ehe following tutorial will allow you to start enjoying Axie Infinity, one of the greatest games blockchain Play2Earn that currently exist. A game that has a market cap of +2 billion dollars (a diluted cap of over +12 billion) and an average daily volume of +200 million dollars, along with an active community of +1 million players worldwide. the world, numbers that speak of the immense success of Axie Infinity in its area.

At Bit2Me Academy we already introduced you to this interesting game and its token, but now we want to help you take your first steps in this game and its powerful gameplay. So what do you need to get started? We explain it step by step.

Initial setup

To enter and play in Axie Infinity the first thing you need to have in your possession is the following:

  1. A relatively powerful computer. Any PC with an i3 2nd Generation CPU or equivalent will do just fine.
  2. Have a broadband Internet connection. The ideal minimum would be a connection of at least 10 Mbps.
  3. Use a Chromium-compatible web browser (Google Chrome, Brave Browser, or Edge Chromium) or Firefox. If possible, perform a fresh install and use it exclusively for the game.
  4. Perform the installation and configuration of the Ronin Wallet. This wallet will allow you to use the Ronin Chain, the blockchain used for the Axie Infinity game.
  5. Perform installation and configuration of the wallet Dappradar, so that you can manage the SLP tokens and AXS of the game. This wallet must have a positive balance in Ethereum to perform operations on that network. At Bit2Me Academy we have a complete article on how to use and install MetaMask.
  6. Download and install the Mavis Hub tool, which will allow you to enter the game. Support for this app is available for Windows, MacOS, and Android and iOS devices. GNU/Linux users are not officially supported.

Knowing all these points, now we will explain step by step how to complete them.

Step #01: Prepare our browser and wallets

Having our computer and Internet ready, our first step is to install and configure the wallets that we will need to interact with Axie Infinity. For our case, we will use the Edge Chromium browser, a browser that allows us to enjoy the Chromium engine (the same as Google Chrome), along with various optimizations designed by Microsoft. Thanks to this choice we can use the Chrome Store extension; In this case, the extensions of Ronin Wallet y Dappradar.

To start with the installation of Ronin Wallet you can go to this link, and click on "Add to Chrome", at the end of the download, you will be able to see the wallet displayed in your browser.

Installing Ronin Wallet

At this point, the next thing you should do is click on “I'm new. Let's get set up!” and with that you will start the process of creating the new Ronin wallet. The first thing you will be asked for is the password to protect your wallet.

Configuring Ronin Wallet

Enter and confirm the password and keep in mind that you must use a strong password, since it will protect your account and the money you may have in it.

Configuring Ronin Wallet for Axie Infinity

A good idea for a strong password is to follow these three simple rules:

  1. Must have at least a 12 character extension (Ex: abcdefghijkl)
  2. Must have mixed uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols (Ex: 4BCDEfg#1jkl)
  3. Use mnemonics to make it easy for you to remember. (Ex: My#Ax1E#4cc0unt)

If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to create strong passwords and you will appreciate the peace of mind that this can provide you. The next step in adding the password is to copy and backup our seed phrase for the Ronin wallet. Be patient and copy these words carefully, check everything and keep it in a safe place. In case your PC or smartphone gets damaged, this seed and password will allow you to regain access to your wallet from another device.

Seed phrase from Ronin Wallet

Finally, confirm your seed phrase:

Confirming Ronin Wallet Seed Phrase
Confirming Ronin Wallet Seed Phrase

And with that you will have your Ronin Wallet created and ready to be used.

Ronin Wallet installed and configured for Axie Infinity

The process for MetaMask can be done using this tutorial where we explain in detail how to install said wallet. Practically the same steps that we have mentioned here apply (especially the wallet key), so it will be easy for you to do it. At the end you will have your browser and the two wallets you need to start the game.

Step #02: Get your first Axies

The next step is to get your first Axies, something you'll be able to use thanks to having your Ronin and MetaMask wallets already set up. There are two ways to get these first Axies that will serve your game path.

Buying in the Marketplace

The first is buying these Axies in the Marketplace, something for which you will have to add a balance in Ethereum to MetaMask or Ronin (using the Bridge of this network). The easiest way is to use the Ronin Wallet direct purchase service, which you can access through this link.

Ronin Marketplace

Once at this point, just choose the option “ronin Weth" With which you can buy your Wrapped ETH (a form of tokenized ETH for the Ronin network) and with it you will have a credit to buy your first Axies in the Marketplace. At this point, just indicate the amount of Euros (or the supported currency where you are located) and proceed with the purchase.

Buying WETH with Ronin Wallet

In this case, click on “proceed” and the system will ask you for an email in which you will receive a verification code. Once your email has been verified, the next step is to enter your Ronin wallet address, which you can find on the Ronin Wallet icon and begins with the word “ronin:” followed by the rest of the address, copy and paste the address exactly and at the end confirm the operation.

Wallet Ronin making our first purchase for Axie Infinity

When continuing, just choose the payment method (Bank Transfer, Revolut Transfer and Payment by Card) each one with its commissions, finish filling in the necessary data and complete the operation, and with this you will receive the WETH that you have purchased directly in your Ronin wallet . Once you have the balance in your wallet, the next thing is to go to the Axie Marketplace and buy your first Axies team.

Axie Infinity Marketplace

To access the Marketplace, all you have to do is click on the “Login” and use the option “Login with Ronin Wallet“, taking advantage of the fact that it is installed and will allow us to access the web directly in future interactions.

Login With Ronin Wallet

With that, you will only have to choose your Axies team. Keep in mind that in the Marketplace you can see all the information about the Axies, their generation, class, characteristics and their price. In any case, take all the time you need to choose the best Axies for your team, as they will be your key to advancing in the game.

Buying our first Axie

Obtaining a scholarship or Scholarship

The second way to get your first Axies is to get a Scholarship. There are several communities that allow you to access one, but the official ones are all in this link. The idea of ​​the scholarships is that experienced players within the game generate Axies teams that they give to people who start in the game so that they can enter the game and start playing and generate rewards within it.

The rules to access and maintain a scholarship can vary depending on the group and your possibilities, but this is usually a widely used way to have a place in the game. Of course, you must understand that there are many people applying for these types of scholarships, so you must convince the group that you are worthy of receiving an in-game scholarship. The positive thing is that this system prevents you from spending a penny, since the Axies are delivered to you at 0 cost and you only have to respect the participation/economy rules of the fellow.

Scholarships or Scholarships for Axie Infinity

After completing these two steps you have in your possession the wallets you need, your first Axies equipment (purchased or granted) and access to the Marketplace along with an account associated with your Ronin Wallet. Now let's get to the game.

Step #03: Installing Mavis Hub, your gateway to the Axie Infinity game

To play Axie Infinity you need to install the Mavis Hub software on your computer or, failing that, the app for Android or iOS smartphones if you have chosen those platforms. In any case, this is a step that you cannot skip, since the Mavis Hub will be the means to participate in the game. To install this software all you have to do is go to this link.

Downloading the client for Axie Infinity

There we will download the option for Windows, which is the operating system that we are using on our computer (in any case, if you use Mac, you must choose the option for MacOS). At the end of the download, you must install this software on your computer, the process is simple, just unzip the file, click on the "Setup” and it will automatically do the whole process. At the end you will see the following screen:

Starting client installation

To complete this step, you will need to click “Create New Account“, which will take you to the Axie Marketplace. Once there, click on “Login with Ronin Wallet” and you will see the following screen:

Logging in to Axie

This means that the account created with your Ronin Wallet will be assigned an access by email and password, so you must click on the “Set up email & password“. Complete this process, and with it you will be able to use Mavis Hub with that email and password, with that we can access our Axie Infinity account and start the installation by clicking on the “install".

Starting the connection to the account

The download process will start and once it is done you will be able to enter the game.

We are already in Axie Infinity

As you can see, it is very easy to take your first steps in the game, but this is only the beginning. The gameplay of Axie Infinity is complex. Learning how to participate in battle modes, quests, how to continuously breed and improve your Axies is what presents the biggest challenge within Axie Infinity, and it is something that we will help you understand in a future installment.