Since the birth of Bitcoin a lot has happened. Sometimes its price has gone up and other times it has gone down, which is normal considering that Bitcoin is a currency. Nevertheless, This has led him to be worth absolutely nothing up to $ 20.000 USD. The latter is its historical mark reached on December 17, 2017. In this sense, we invite you to make a quick review of the historical price of Bitcoin.

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The Beginning

The story of the historical price of Bitcoin starts in 2009, at that time Bitcoin a nascent project was little known. Let's take a look at the evolution back then:

  • January 2009 - January 2010, nothing (€ 0): There were no exchange houses. Only fans exchanged it on forums as a test. As a digital currency it was a simple experiment that sought to transform the world.
  • February 2010 - May 2010, less than $ 0.003: On May 22, 2010, the user Laszlo Hayneck made the first transaction for good. Laszlo reportedly bought two pizzas in Jacksonville, Florida for 10,000 BTC. User “SmokeTooMuch” tried to auction 10,000 BTC for $ 50, but no one bought them. Laszlo's action became what we know today as Bitcoin Pizza Day.
  • July 2010, $ 0.08: In five days the price of bitcoin grew 1000% from $ 0.008 to $ 0.08 for a bitcoin.

Equalizing to the US Dollar

Little by little the strength of Bitcoin was becoming more and more evident. But the story would give a major breakthrough when 1 BTC was the same as talking about $ 1 USD.

  • February 2011 - April 2011, $ 1: Bitcoin achieves something that was believed impossible, increases its price to reach parity with the dollar. A great interest in virtual currencies is beginning to develop.
  • July 8, 2011: Bitcoin reached $ 31 the maximum of the first “bubble”. This was followed by the first price drop. Those who managed to invest in bitcoin made their first big gains, all taking advantage of the fluctuation in the price of bitcoin (BTC).
  • December 2011, $ 2: The minimum after a few months. A mistrust is spreading in Bitcoin.
  • December 2012, $ 13: It grows slowly over a year. In the short term, Bitcoin stabilizes and a slow price rise begins.
  • April 2013, $ 266: Maximum of a dizzying ascent where the price increases between 5% and 10% every day.
  • May 2013, $ 130: A few months of stability in the cryptocurrency financial markets.
  • June 2013, $ 100: In June it drops to $ 70 but in July it increases to $ 110.

Already by this period, the historical price of Bitcoin had transformed the community that supported the project. With exchanges, a rich community that grew more and more daily, and with a very clear vision of the future. Bitcoin was destined to become a respectable global currency, on par with other currencies and store of value items such as gold. The following years would be the most important for Bitcoin to show its power.

Start of the meteoric rise of the price of Bitcoin

The end of 2013 was highly dynamic, and here we show a part of what happened back then.

  • November 2013, $ 350 - $ 1250: From October to November it went from $ 150 to $ 200, growing this month to $ 400. Then $ 600, $ 900 and finally breaking the $ 1000 ceiling on November 27, 2013.
  • December 2013, $ 600 - $ 1000: The price plummets to $ 600, rebounds to $ 1000, and falls back to $ 500. It ranges from $ 650 to $ 800.
  • January 2014, $ 750 - $ 1000: The price touched $ 1000 briefly in early January and then hit $ 800- $ 900 for the rest of the month.
  • February. 2014, $ 550 - $ 750: After MT closure. Gox the price is affected and is between $ 600 and $ 700.
  • March 2014, $ 450 - $ 700: The price falls due to a false report where the Chinese government was censoring Bitcoin. In the false report, they forced banks to close the accounts of all the exchange houses that worked with Bitcoin.
  • April 2014, $ 340 - $ 530: The lowest price from 2012-2013 was reached on April 11 at 3:25 AM.
  • May 2014, $ 440 - $ 630: In the last days of May the bitcoin price grows 30%.
  • March 2015, $ 200 - $ 300: Price drops again in early 2015
  • November 2015, $ 395 - $ 504: During 2015 the price increased regularly reaching $ 504 in November.

During these years the historical price of Bitcoin had a strong variation, but an episode of greater variation would come.

Bitcoin to the moon, the bull market at full throttle

But 2017 was perhaps the strongest year for crypto investors and traders. In this year Bitcoin began to grow rapidly and its evolution led us to milestones like these:

  • February 2017, $ 1222: During 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the price rose sharply, multiplying by 3 due to global political events: Brexit, Trump as president of the United States, China and its crises, India and its economic policies, the crisis of new banks. further Bitcoin halving in July 2016
  • March 2017. $ 1270: With the advent of ETF promoted before the SEC by the Winklevoss brothers, Bitcoin breaks all kinds of records: Highest price in history, surpassing even gold, largest capitalization in history, largest number of users, highest number of endorsements and acceptance
  • May 2017. + $ 2.000: It opens the month with a price of approximately $ 1.400 and on May 20, 2017 it exceeds for the first time $ 2.000
  • May-June 2017. + $ 3.000: On June 12, Bitcoin breaks the $ 3.000 barrier for the first time and reaches $ 3.200
  • August 2017. $ 4.400: On August 1 it forks and Bitcoin Cash is born, fact that causes a slight decline in the value of Bitcoin but on August 12, 2017 the barrier of $ 4.000 is passed and on August 14, 2017 it reaches its maximum reaching $ 4.400
  • September 1, 2017. $ 5.000: Break the $ 5.000 barrier
  • September 12, 2017. $ 2.900: Its value plummets due to China's restriction on ICOs, Bitcoin, and financial repression on cryptocurrencies.
  • October 13, 2017. $ 5.600: A month after the strong repression in China, it is found that it does not exist and the price rises again.
  • October 21, 2017. $ 6.180: The Bitcoin Gold fork is close and its value is climbing strongly.
  • November 17-20, 2017. $ 7.600-8.100: Its value shoots up reaching $ 8004.59 for 1 BTC. It is speculated that this could be caused by the coup in Zimbabwe where a local Bitcoin exchange would have sold bitcoins for $ 13.500.
  • December 8, 2017. $ 18.300: The value of bitcoin is triggered by the avalanche of acceptances and a large amount of funds that entered the market.
  • December 17, 2017. $ 19.900: Historical high of 1 BTC according to CoinMarketCap. Exchanges South Korea's spent $ 21.000 for every 1 BTC. This all-time high was the cryptocurrency boom globally and it put everyone's potential in their mouths.

At this point, the historical price of Bitcoin reached its maximum. It was the cryptocurrency boom and it attracted the attention of millions of people around the world.

The bear market arrives and the markets show resistance

However, the high prices came to an end and in 2018 the bear market began to make a dent in the price. Back then, historical Bitcoin prices marked these milestones:

  • February 2, 2018 $ 6.375: Just over a month after the all-time high it loses more than two-thirds of its value in an extremely strong price correction
  • February 20, 2018. $ 11.785: The value of Bitcoin rises again
  • April 2018. $ 6.700-9.400: The month starts at $ 6.700 but throughout the month it goes up to $ 9.396 with which the month closes
  • May-July 2018. $ 9.900-5.995: It goes from the $ 9.900 marked on May 5, 2018 to $ 5.995, the first time since October 21, 2017 that it falls below $ 6.000
  • July 1-August 15, 2018. $ 6.354 / $ 8.315 / $ 6.341: Huge fluctuations stemming in part from the U.S. SEC's refusals to admit Bitcoin ETFs and the approaching summer vacation period
  • September / October 2018. $ 6.400 / $ 6.700: The price has remained stable with minimal variations during this period.
  • November 14, 2018. $ 5.600: Bitcoin price plunges to around $ 1.000 (-10%) in less than ten minutes per a massive sale of 80.000 BTC. It is not known who the seller of all these bitcoins is, but it is pointed to BitMEX and Bitmain before the approach of the Bitcoin Cash hardfork. Other information suggests that 106.000 BTC would have finally moved between Binance cold wallets, alleging a security move.

Bitcoin and hard forks

If anything has defined Bitcoin, it is the strong cohesion of its community. However, this has not prevented certain people from creating projects emulating their capabilities. One of those projects is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) but this project had internal bids. One of those bids powered by Craig Wright (better known as the False Satoshi Nakamoto) led to the creation of a Bitcoin Cash hard fork, called the Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BSV). Both hard forks had a certain impact on the price of Bitcoin as evidenced by history.

  • November 19, 2018. $ 5.000 / $ 4.900: Another drop in the price of Bitcoin due to apparently high movements in a few accounts that would have moved around 60.000 BTC in the middle of the hard forks war between Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision.
  • 20 November 2018. $ 4.388: After breaking the $ 5.044 support the price of each bitcoin has dropped to $ 4.388, quickly rebounding to $ 4.500. Some experts say that after breaking the support we go to $ 3.000, although others point out that it could rebound to $ 6.000.

2019, new hopes and new bull markets

The arrival of 2019 kept prices down but stable. However, many waited for the recovery of Bitcoin, announced it and it arrived.

  • January 2019: The price of Bitcoin keeps fluctuating between $ 3700 and $ 3400.
  • April 2019: Bitcoin price begins to recover. On April 1, 2019, the price was at $ 4126 USD and ended the month passing $ 5000 USD.
  • July 2019: On July 12, 2019 Bitcoin reached 12.958 $ USD, in what would be the highest price reached this year. The recovery of the markets brought the projects to the fore again and gave them the economic boost they needed to strengthen again.
  • July to December 2019: The price of Bitcoin falls and remains fluctuating in the band of $ 7500 and $ 8000 USD. The market stabilizes again.

2020, the stable crypto market and the new Bitcoin halving at the gates

The year 2020 started with a Bitcoin price fluctuating high between $ 8500 and $ 9000 USD. Specialists believe that this oscillation will stop to give rise to a new bull market with the activation of the new halving In the net. The third Bitcoin halving scheduled for May 11 (approx. 21:00 UTC), will test the price of Bitcoin. In fact, the price of Bitcoin during the entire period of 2020 has been the following:

  • January 2020: A low of $ 6884 USD and a high above $ 9000 USD at the end of the month, the Bitcoin and crypto markets are shown in green.
  • February 2020: Bitcoin price reaches its resistance above $ 10.400 USD, but ends the month with a value of $ 8543 USD.
  • March 2020: With global confinement and shock due to the coronavirus, Bitcoin suffers a precipitous fall to $ 3800 USD. However, it recovers quickly and remains fluctuating over $ 6400 USD.
  • April 2020: The month opens at a price of $ 6400, rises to $ 9100, and ends again at the $ 6000 support.
  • May 2020: The wait for the Bitcoin halving begins and the markets feel the pressure, a bullish rally brings the price of Bitcoin to $ 10500, and days later in less than 5 minutes, the price falls to $ 8500. A few days after halving, the purchase pressure of Bitcoin remains together with the rise in prices, great expectations for the post-halving price.
  • June 2020: Bitcoin's entry price this month is $ 9551, with its lowest point mid-month near $ 9050, and ending the month at $ 9141.
  • July 2020: Bitcoin's entry price is $ 9141 and everything seems to indicate that it will end the month with a value higher than $ 11.000 USD due to a small bullrun in the currency.
  • 2020 August Entry price in August is $ 11800 USD and ends at $ 11727 USD.
  • September 2020: this month the entry is $ 11727 USD and ends the month with a value of $ 10780 USD.
  • October 2020: entered with a value of $ 10780 USD, Bitcoin ends this month with a value of $ 13533 USD.
  • November 2020: Bitcoin's rally begins, starting at $ 13800 and ending this month at $ 18.000.
  • December 2020: The new Bitcoin bullrun effectively begins, starting this month at $ 18.900 USD and ending the year above $ 28 USD. Bitcoin breaks its old ATH of 2017 on December 16 when most exchanges start to mark the new ATH of Bitcoin above $ 20 thousand USD.

2021, a new year, a new bull run

The arrival of the new year seems to mark the beginning of a new bullrun as it happened in 2017, but this time, everything indicates that this bullrun will continue for longer due to the arrival of institutional players, companies and large investors to the world of cryptocurrencies.

  • January 2021: The year begins and Bitcoin is bullish and heading to new ATHs, on January 1 as a new year's gift, Bitcoin reaches up to $ 29 thousand USD. However, in just under 8 days (January 9), Bitcoin reaches $ 41 USD. At this point, a price correction begins and brings Bitcoin to the current price (January 13) of about $ 35 USD. Despite the correction, market sentiment remains bullish.

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