Despite what many may think, currently Bitcoin is NOT anonymous. However, those who improve it, work to achieve a global, decentralized and 100% anonymous financial system.


In this new article we will talk about anonymity and privacy as well as their different points of view, how anonymous Bitcoin is right now and why, the Blockchain analysis tools and some methods to improve anonymity.

Privacy is dead

When we go to the bathroom we close the door. It is not because we are doing something illegal, but for privacy. We don't want anyone to see what we do.

With technology, on the other hand, we are not so cautious, we constantly leave doors open, giving so much information about us that we are not even aware.

When you receive an email, when you have a conversation, when you watch a video, when you make a purchase,… On the Internet, all and absolutely all the actions you do leave information about what you like, what you don't, what you consume, where you go, where and who do you sleep with, what solidarity campaigns do you finance, ... and even, with the appropriate algorithms, can predict the future Guessing our behaviors before they happen.

This, which just 20 years ago would terrify us or sound like a film, is today (after going through a gradual process of normalization) a reality, something that is accepted without scandalizing us.

And it is that, every minute that passes tons (literally) of information are generated from each one of us.

Internet in 60 seconds

We do not own our privacy.

Believe it or not, corporations like Google they know everything about you. They know things as private as who you have voted for in the elections, if you are unfaithful, if you are homosexual, if you have any disease, ... and everything, of course, without you having actively said anything to them.

And it's not just big corporations that know this.

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