Have you ever wondered why the platforms of cryptocurrencies, they do not let you buying bitcoins, or another crypto, with Paypal? Well, here we explain the reasons why this apparently simple procedure is not usually available.

Qyou may be wondering if today is possible buy bitcoins through Paypal. Well, the short answer to this question is No.. And is that, first of all, Paypal does not allow the direct purchase of any cryptocurrency. On the other hand, those who try to offer the service end up ruined, constantly appearing platforms that offer to be able to buy cryptocurrencies through Paypal but they are scams.

But why is it practically impossible to buy Bitcoin with Paypal?

For this, it is important to remember how Paypal differs from Bitcoin. Let's start with Paypal.

Surely you already know that, Paypal is a payment system It is used through the Internet, and works as an alternative to send or receive fiduciary money (euros, dollars, ...) in a simpler way than with traditional banks. But the most important thing is that Paypal is centralized. What does this mean?

Paypal has a Customer Service It is intended for the processing of complaints and claims made by users of the system. This allows that in the event of any irregularity, breach of agreement or fraud, the appropriate actions are taken to protect the user.

For its part, Bitcoin is a system, a protocol and a cryptocurrency itself. That is, Bitcoin is an exclusively digital asset that works like cash and has a fully autonomous and decentralized system. So in Bitcoin, each person is responsible for the security of their funds. Therefore, in this system it is not possible to cancel the transactions once they have been carried out. Thus, in the event of any breach, the only possibility that a user can recover the coins sent in a transaction, is that the receiving user wants to make the return.

Now that you understand the most important aspect, the irreversibility of transactions, you will be able to understand the problem.

A platform that offers the purchase of bitcoins through Paypal is exposed to the possibility of being scammed, being a victim of fraud. This is because with Paypal, there may be the risk that a user who makes a purchase of bitcoins through their system, may later claim that they never received what was agreed by the other user. And so request a refund process of the money you canceled, known as chargeback.

But Bitcoin, by operating as cash, cannot be tracked. So Paypal would have no way of verifying if users complied with what was agreed between them or not. So generally, it would be inclined to support the party that made the claim, considering that it is who is right. Thus the user who claimed would have the possibility of keeping both the purchased bitcoins that were sent to him, as well as the purchase money that will be returned to his account.

Moreover, Paypal accounts can be closed without notice, and the money available in them can be frozen, if a user is considered to have violated any policy of this company. Something that, as we know, does not happen with Bitcoin.

Due to these issues, the vast majority of cryptocurrency platforms do not allow direct purchase of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin through Paypal. And the ones that do offer it are often websites designed to trick novice users.

If you were a cryptocurrency platform, would you run the risk of scam and bankruptcy by selling cryptocurrencies through Paypal?

Options to buy Bitcoin safely

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