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Basic Bitcoin Course

Basic level

Start from scratch in Bitcoin in a clear, easy, safe and quick way. This course is specially designed for beginners practically know nothing about Bitcoin.

Free 16 lessons (11 videos)

Bitcoin 101 Course

Medium level

In Bit101Me Academy's Bitcoin 2 Course you can continue your crypto education and learn what Bitcoin is, where it comes from and how to obtain it.

Free 35 lessons

Advanced Bitcoin Course

Advanced level

At Bit2Me Academy we bring you this advanced free Bitcoin course so that you become the next Satoshi Nakamoto.

Free 20 items

Course on Taxation of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies in Spain (only in Spanish)

Medium level

Learn from experts in the Tax area all the details about the taxation of cryptocurrencies in Spain.

Free 19 lessons

Tokenomics Fundamentals Course

Medium level

Fundamental course to learn to identify the factors that give value to a token, and recognize where its usefulness lies.

Free 13 lessons

Stablecoin Course

Medium level

Learn the differences between the main stablecoins. Discover where they come from and the uses in which they are applied.

Free 11 lessons

Elementary Finance Course in 7 Steps

Basic level

In this Elementary Finance in 7 Steps course you will learn to manage your finances, learning the key concepts that will help you better understand and manage your money.

Free 7 lessons

Cryptocurrency Tax Expert Certificate in Spain (only in Spanish)

Medium level

Aimed at professionals who want to reinforce their knowledge about the taxation of cryptocurrencies in Spain.

€49 10 lessons

Course on Autonomous Organizations DAO

Medium level

Learn about this revolutionary tool for organizing communities and organizations of all kinds.

Free 12 lessons

Fan Token Course

Basic level

Sports clubs from all over the world use this tool to offer their fandom unique experiences. Learn how they do it and how it works.

Free 5 lessons

Introduction to Blockchain Games Course

Basic level

Discover the exciting world of blockchain games. The future has already arrived and gamers can now make a profit doing what they love the most.

Free 14 lessons (10 videos)

NFT Elementary Course

Basic level

It is clear that nothing will be the same from the NFTs, and therefore it is essential to know all the basic aspects that this type of token contains.

Free 14 lessons

Tokenization Fundamentals Course

Basic level

Tokenization represents one of the main revolutionary uses of Blockchain technology, which is changing finance, art and entertainment as we know it.

Free 19 lessons (10 videos)

Main Cryptocurrencies Course

Basic level

Bit2Me Academy brings you a new course in which you will learn everything you need about the most important cryptocurrencies that exist today.

Free 13 lessons

Introductory course to DeFi

Medium level

Time to update. Traditional finance has changed, discover the revolutionary ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi).

€19.99 27 videos and more

Quantitative Trading Course

Advanced level

Learn to operate in Bitcoin and other assets under this methodology without the need for prior knowledge.

€300 10-12 sessions

Institutional training

Basic level

For teams, institutions and companies. Learn with the courses organized by Bit2Me and its team of specialists.

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