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Main Cryptocurrencies Course

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Bit2Me Academy brings you a new course in which you will learn everything you need about most important cryptocurrencies that exist today. Register and you can get a Bit2Me official certificate if you pass our test on the main cryptocurrencies.



Bitcoin is not only the first cryptocurrency, the origin of technology, but it is currently the largest economic epicenter of this technology.


It is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, with advanced capabilities of smart contracts, token generation and a whole ecosystem of DApps, DEX and DeFi on them.


Monero is a cryptocurrency project focused on the privacy and anonymity of its users by default (and by choice), being one of the projects that most investigates and develops technology in this regard.

USDT (Tether)

USDT or Tether is the largest stablecoin or stablecoin in the crypto world, becoming the main bridge between the fiat world and the crypto world, as well as the main bastion of convertibility for traders and traders who want to protect themselves from high price volatility of cryptocurrencies.


DAI is an interesting blockchain project that has created a stablecoin with a unique vision: to be a decentralized system controlled by a DAO and its community, which generates an entire financial system sustained by the collaterization of cryptocurrencies and tokens to issue the DAI stablecoin. In this way, DAI becomes a stable, decentralized and community option for traders and traders who seek to protect themselves from cryptocurrency price volatility, as well as have a tool widely accepted in the world DeFi, DEX, and DApps on Ethereum.


This is a decentralized blockchain oracles project that seeks to bring the world of physical and real information closer to the DApps, DEX and DeFi of the crypto world.


EOS is a cryptocurrency and community that seeks to create a broad ecosystem of decentralized applications (DApps) that rivals Ethereum, not only in its capabilities but also in its speed and cost of operation, and at the same time, seeks to become a better option. payment (and micropayments) due to its almost instantaneous transaction confirmations.


IOTA is a project with a clear focus on bringing the world of the blockchain and all its possibilities to the world of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, creating highly integrated structures to the hardware of the devices and intertwining them in a high-speed network with global reach.


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that was born in order to improve some of Bitcoin's weaknesses, but almost always remaining in the shadow of it. However, Litecoin has started to develop a new path using MimbleWimble that will gradually move it away from Bitcoin to become a privacy currency with advanced capabilities and high payment speed with low fees.


HashGraph is a new DLT network with a completely different technology than blockchain as we know it. The goal is to create a high-speed, highly parallelized ecosystem that is capable of competing with giants like HyperLedger, Corda R3, and Ethereum, in meeting the high-speed and security needs of companies that set their sights on technology. blockchain and DLT. All this, while also opening the doors for cross-chains operations, high-speed payment systems, service network management, and advanced smart contracts.

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