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What is Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a living system that is built and improved over time. The updates have happened until today and here we summarize some.

Advantages of Bitcoin

Understand the keys to Bitcoin's rapid expansion across the planet. We explain the advantages of this technology for users and businesses.

Bitcoin vs Euro vs Gold

Know the differences between Bitcoin, Gold and Euro and with it you will know which of all these options is the best, most useful and reliable form of payment.

What is a wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet or purse is a piece of software or hardware that allows us to send and receive cryptocurrencies using the blockchain network.

What is a Bitcoin address

The Bitcoin address is what we need to receive bitcoins and that we can give to anyone since only we can access the funds.

How to get Bitcoin

Learn how to buy the bitcoin (BTC) you want quickly, safely and easily and without major complications with our Bit2Me platform.

How the bitcoin price is determined

Bitcoin's price is a mystery to many. How and who determines it? We explain it to you in detail so that you understand how and why it happens.

Taxes around Bitcoin

The Treasury in Spain forces crypto investors to pay taxes for their investments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, know about these cases.

What is mining bitcoins

What is mining bitcoins? Bit2Me offers you a simple explanation of one of the concepts that generates the most doubts in the Bitcoin world.

What is Blockchain

The "Blockchain" or "Blockchain" is the backbone of the Bitcoin protocol and a technology that has changed everything forever. You know why?

What is Halving

Halving Bitcoin is an automated process within cryptocurrencies. It occurs every four years and halves the reward for validated block.

Cypherpunk culture

One of the most important manifests of the cypherpunk is the Cyphernomicon, since much of the cultural thought of this movement is embodied in it.

Who created Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the person or group of people behind the creation of Bitcoin and we may never know who he is (or are).