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Tokenization Course, NFTs and ICOs

Learn the fundamentals of this new technology

Tokenization is one of the main revolutionary uses of Blockchain technology as it can change finances as we know them. Cryptocurrency ICOs make it possible quickly and easily boost large projects. Imagine the possibilities that this new sector offers us and most importantly: learn how all this can benefit you.

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Introduction to tokens on the blockchain

What is a token?

Tokens are one of the most essential creations of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, enclosing unique features and opening doors for applications that we have yet to discover.

What is tokenization?

Tokenization is one of the most disruptive consequences of blockchain technology. This process promises to transform society towards a more materialistic and commercialized vision, where people can value and exchange any element based on their supply and demand.

What is a Colored Coin?

The colored coins or colored coins are one of the attempts of the community and cryptocurrency developers to expand the functionality of Bitcoin allowing the creation of tokens to represent other currencies or assets of interest on a blockchain.

What is digital scarcity?

Digital scarcity is a new concept that addresses the limitation of resources in digital format and that is closely related to blockchain technology and the maintenance of its decentralized economic system.

What is Tokenomics? The Token Economy

Tokenomics or the token economy, is an interesting and new concept that is closely linked to the tokenization of things and blockchain technology, and with which it is intended to radically change the economic system around the world.

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Token types

What is a Security Token?

Security tokens would be a hybrid between the shares of a company and a cryptocurrency, with the advantage that they have a lower cost than stock shares and the security and advantages of blockchain technology.

What is a Utility Token?

A utility token, or utility token, is a special type of token that helps in capitalizing or financing projects for startups, companies, or project development groups.

What is an Equity Token?

One of the recent financial tools powered by blockchain technology is the equity token, which is known for “XNUMXst century action”. Learn about what this tool is about, who uses it and its advantages over other already known tools.

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Operation of tokens and their standards in blockchain

What is an ERC-20 token?

An ERC-20 token is nothing more than a smart contract that has a pre-established data structure. This structure is designed to facilitate the implementation of various functionalities on the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating the creation work for developers.

What is an ERC 721 token?

The ERC 721 tokens of the Ethereum network base their existence and operation on enhancing digital scarcity to take advantage of the effect created by limited editions of products. Unlike the ERC 20 tokens, its appeal lies in how its peculiarity enhances its facet of being collected.

What is an ERC-1155 token on Ethereum?

The ERC-1155 tokens are a new type of standard token within Ethereum with the ability to change the landscape of DApps within this blockchain, thanks to its multitoken capacity and a new number of functions designed to provide a better experience of use and programming.

What is an NFT token?

NFT tokens or non-fungible tokens are a solution created to allow us to represent objects with unique, unrepeatable and indivisible qualities within a blockchain.

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Buy, sell and save in cryptocurrencies

What is investing in Bitcoin and how to do it safely?

Knowing how to invest in Bitcoin safely is not difficult at all if you have some basic recommendations in mind to do so. That is why we have dedicated this article to explain some of them and what you should do to fully enjoy your investment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What are cryptocurrency ICOs?

Cryptocurrency ICOs are the global business finance revolution using the power of blockchain technology. Thanks to these, it is possible to obtain financing to make large projects come true, quickly and easily.

What is an IEO?

One of the project investment tools that capture the attention in the world of cryptocurrencies are IEOs or Initial Exchange Offers, which seek to be a safer substitute for the well-known ICOs and thus provide a door that opens the way to the financing of projects on blockchain technology and DLT in the world.

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