Documentaries are a great way to let the world know about the existence of something interesting, and Bitcoin he couldn't escape it. And it is that every great phenomenon results in the proliferation of audiovisual documents that speak of it. This is what has made Bitcoin the target of a huge diversity of documentaries that talk about it. The reason?. Bitcoin is one of the most important technological revolutions that is taking place in the world. A revolution that is happening today, and there are already thousands of videos made around it. And for this reason it is important to make its existence known to everyone. All in order for people to become familiar with this technology and its potential.

It is for this reason that Bit2Me has decided to put at your disposal a wide selection of documentaries about Bitcoin that we consider interesting. But not only from Bitcoin, but also from others cryptocurrencies and the tecnología blockchain usually. Our goal is to bring this knowledge to every corner of the world. Therefore, we invite you to enjoy every second of these great audiovisual works and learn to the fullest from them.

🔄 UPDATE 2019

Due to the high number of requests that we have received in the last year asked by informative video channels about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we have decided to develop a free and universally accessible service to meet that need.

📺 Bit2Me TV It's your Crypto television, a platform with filtered and exclusive content around the world of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In it you will find a high number of documentaries and also specific videos on trading, legal, technology, philosophy….

Bit2Me TV already has more than 50 documentaries.

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