Cryptocurrencies open up a universe of possibilities so that people can generate passive income with cryptocurrencies without major complications.

PaTo achieve this, it is not necessary to comply with elaborate strategies or buy an expensive course that promises to give us the key to achieve it, you simply have to know the tools that you have in the crypto ecosystem, learn to use them and persevere.

For this reason, here we will show you some tools that you can count on and the basic strategies that can help you generate passive income in the world of cryptocurrencies, and from this moment we indicate that they all have a certain risk, one that you must face in a intelligent. Therefore, our highest recommendation is: USE THAT MONEY THAT DOES NOT COMPROMISE YOUR LIFE OR THAT OF YOUR FAMILY. That is, meet your personal and family obligations, and use the following strategies with money that does not compromise your life, your health, and that of those who depend on you.

With that said, let's look at some of the strategies that can help you make passive income in the crypto world.

HODL, the first and easiest strategy

One of the easiest ways to generate passive income in the world of cryptocurrencies is through the HODL. The HODL is nothing more than buying a currency and holding it for long periods of time, so that it allows us to generate passive income as it appreciates. This is the easiest way to achieve this, and in fact, you'll see that it's a lot like saving, only instead of saving fiat it allows you to save a significant cryptocurrency within the ecosystem.

It may sound too easy to be true, but HODL is real and can be used by anyone, all you need is patience and nerves of steel to deal with the inherent volatility. When you're in a bull market, you may be tempted to spend or continue to invest excessively, without taking into account that the bull market can end up in a bear market in which your money is diluted and you do not see a positive effect on your income.

Don't worry, this is normal, crypto markets have bull and bear cycles all the time, is something that has been seen since the beginning of these markets and has been maintained. Of course, the frequency and scope have varied. In fact, the cycles get longer and the appreciation of the currencies always goes up.

Bitcoin, the best example of the power of HODL

Let's take bitcoin for example: when it was born in 2009 its value was 0. In fact, it was enough to go to a faucet for them to give you BTC in large quantities, up to 5000 BTC you could get in a faucet during its beginnings. Now, 13 years later, the value of bitcoin is such that it has exceeded 60 thousand dollars, faucets now give out a few satoshis (one hundred millionths of BTC) and many early BTC HODLers are billionaires. Of course, the bull and bear cycles have been there, putting pressure on HODLers to sell or buy more BTC and that is where nerves of steel and perseverance pay off.