The Polygon Network (MATIC) is one of the world's largest scalability networks cripto, and the B2M token is present in it thanks to a pool within the DEX QuickSwap.

Ein this article We will teach you how to use the B2M token within this exchange and be able to trade within it safely and efficiently.


Connecting MetaMask to Polygon (Matic)

Before starting a connection with Polygon you will need to have the following tools:

  1. A device (PC, tablet or mobile) with an Internet connection.
  2. Chrome web browser (or derivatives such as Edge, Brave or Opera) or Firefox.
  3. basic installation of Dappradar

As you can see the requirements are quite common and about the basic installation of MetaMask, you can review in detail through this article.

Now, the basic installation of MetaMask allows us to use only the network Ethereum, which is the network configured by default. So, in order to be able to use Polygon, we will have to manually configure the MetaMask wallet in the way shown below.

Initial setup

The first step is to open the MetaMask menu:

Once on this menu, click and look for the "Settings" option. From there we can access all the options we need for our test.

On the next screen you will see several configuration options on your left, you must look for the one that says “Networks” and click on it.

This option is the one that will allow you to add all the necessary data so that you can connect your MetaMask to the Polygon network. Once there, look for the “Add Network” button (or “Add a Network” if it is in English).

Next you will see a form in which you must add the necessary data so that MetaMask can interact with the Polygon network:

The data in question are the following:

Network name: Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Currency symbol: MATIC
URL Explorer:

This data must be placed correctly so that MetaMask can interact with and access Polygon.

ATTENTION: Using other unofficial addresses or alterations can cause loss of funds, So you have to be very careful with this. After this step, all that remains is to click on the “Save” button, and with this you will have the ability to use MetaMask with the Polygon network.

Connecting to QuickSwap

Once we have our wallet configured, the next thing is to start with the connection to QuickSwap. To do this, we must go to the official website of this DEX, which you can access using this link.

There, you just have to click on “Connect to Wallet” (in some cases “Switch to Matic” may appear, indicating that you must change the MetaMask network to make the connection). At this point, a menu will appear where you must select the “MetaMask” wallet:

You will immediately see an interaction window in MetaMask where you must click on “Next” and then on “Connect”:

And with that you will already be connected to QuickSwap:

Adding the B2M token to our MetaMask with Polygon network

Now, we need to add our B2M token to the MetaMask wallet so that we can use it inside our wallet. You must take into account that the inhabited contract for B2M in QuickSwap is the following:


This is the ONLY, valid contract for the B2M token on the Polygon network, and you can check it out at Polygon Scan:

To add the token, just copy the contract and import the token into your MetaMask, using the “Import token” option.

Once there, copy the B2M contract form and add it to the wallet, clicking on “Add custom token”.

And then click on “Import token”, and with that the import will have been carried out successfully.


From here you will be able to see your B2M token on the main screen of the wallet, as you can see in the following screenshot:

Making a trade in QuickSwap

Now, to make an exchange in QuickSwap is very simple. With the exchange you can not only exchange your B2M, but also acquire more B2M with the tokens you have in the Polygon network. So for example if you want to buy B2M on QuickSwap you can go to the B2M/USDT pool that is enabled using this link:

There you can see all market data, including pool liquidity and trading volume. At this point, you just have to click on “Trade” and with that you can make your first B2M purchase on this DEX. In the next tab you only accept the import of the trade:

And in this way you can already buy B2M in QuickSwap. In the following image you can see a direct B2M purchase using USDT:

Just make sure you have USDT in your wallet to make the purchase (again USDT on the Polygon network). In case you don't have USDT but you do have another token (such as MATIC, or any other supported on QuickSwap), just switch to the token and make the purchase using it, QuickSwap will make the necessary trades to make said purchase successfully.

In the image above, you see a multiple swap in QuickSwap, exchanging MATIC for MAI, MAI for USDT and then buying the B2M, it will all be done in one single trade and since you are using Polygon the cost of it will be very low. It only remains to confirm the Swap:

And wait for the operation to complete. At the end you will have your B2M in the wallet: