Course on B2M, the Bit2Me token

Discover the features and uses of B2M while earning rewards for your learning.


¿How does it work Learn2Me?

The more you learn, the more you earn, it's that easy.

Step 1:

Sign up or log in to Bit2Me and Academy

Remember that you must register with the email in which you want to receive your reward and it will have to be the same on both platforms. Do not forget to verify your user in Bit2Me.

Step 2:

Take your chosen Academy course

Learn about the crypto universe through videos, texts and relevant information.

Step 3:

Test what you have learned

When you finish the course, you will have to pass a small test to get your tokens.

Step 4:

Receive your reward

Upon passing the test, within 2 weeks from the end of the campaign, you will receive your tokens through Bit2Me Pay. We will notify you via email 😉

Learn and earn with Learn2Me

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Learn2Me: B2M, the token by Bit2Me

Learn the main features and uses of the Bit2Me token while you get rewards in B2M, a token specially designed to offer its users interesting benefits. Find out everything about this cryptocurrency!

Receive €5 in B2M Until 18/08/2022
3 lessons 1000 users

At the end of the course you will be able to...

Recognize the characteristics of B2M, the Bit2Me token.

Evaluate the main uses and implementations of this token.

Know the functionalities of the token and its platform.

Buy and operate with B2M safely.


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