El Bitcoin Pizza Day is a special day in which the first purchase of goods is celebrated using bitcoin, two pizzas for 10 thousand BTC.

EThere are moments that mark a lifetime, and on May 22, 2010, an event took place that marked the life of Laszlo Hanyecz. Laszlo a renowned bitcoiner wrote days before in the forum Bitcointalk a little wish: "buy two large pizzas with 10.000 BTC as a payment method ”.

At that time, Bitcoin it was a very little known technology and the rest of the common mortals passed by. Although it had been a long time since his first transaction, Bitcoin was very little known. However, many people were interested in the offer offered by Laszlo. Offer that at the time was the same as receiving $ 41. Something that is hard to believe today, but back then that was the equivalent of 10.000 BTC. Nothing is further from the current reality, which places 1 BTC close to $ 8.000. Anyone would say that this is crazy and it is, but one that Laszlo feels no remorse about. Especially when he had the opportunity to enjoy himself with his family, receiving his pizzas at home and paying with Bitcoin. Blessed be life!


A very special and succulent request

Laszlo's original request was quite explicit, after all if you want a good pizza you ask for it to your liking, right? So as a man of traditional tastes he posted his request on Bitcointalk waiting for a response:

There they have a well-seasoned and tasty pizza.


Despite the offer, many of the respondents were initially unable to make the exchange. This led to Laszlo having to wait four days to make the purchase. It was not a very quick purchase, especially considering that for fiat payment it would take less than 30 minutes to receive your pizza at home. But finally, on May 22, 2010, Laszlo received his long-awaited pizzas at home. Who participated on the other side of the exchange was, the user jerks (Jeremy Sturdivant). To carry out the entire transaction, Jercos and Laszlo contacted each other via IRC chat, an old but effective communication system that allowed all this revolutionary action to be carried out.

This fact would transform Laszlo into the first person to acquire a good using bitcoins, and to Jercos in the first person to sell them. As Jercos himself would later say:

“Give a man a pizza, he will eat for a day; let him buy pizza with bitcoin, it will revolutionize the economy. "

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Bitcoin Pizza Day, a day to celebrate a great event

After the success of this transaction, the day was marked on everyone's mind. Since then every May 22, the Bitcoin Pizza Day is celebrated. A special day when bitcoiners and pizza vendors celebrate big. And what better way to celebrate than by making a pizza purchase and paying with bitcoins.

The Bitcoin Pizza Day phenomenon is worldwide, and gives a lot to talk about. And it is not for less, from that moment until now there is a long way to go. Bitcoin is no longer a mere unknown in the world and its value is no longer that of a few cents on the dollar. Companies and businesses observe the real value of the cryptocurrency and offer services that can be paid for using it. It's an economic revolution that continues to gain momentum as adoption grows.

In that sense, Bitcoin Pizza Day serves to remember and celebrate a milestone, a test passed, a level-up for the most important cryptocurrency. But it is also a reminder that small things, however insignificant they may seem, can initiate great transformations in the world.