El staking It has been one of the practices that has had the greatest growth in recent years within the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, , driven above all because it allows its participants to obtain rewards regardless of the general state of the market cripto, be this bull market or bear market.

EIt is precisely this great feature that attracts many crypto hodlers to participate in staking, both centralized and decentralized, but the alternatives are so varied that we often ask ourselves: What are the best options to do it? Well, in this case we examine five types of coins with staking capacity that may interest you if you want to start implementing this practice.

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Ethereum 2.0, the undisputed king of staking

The arrival of The Merge to Ethereum it means that this network has made the leap to Ethereum 2.0 and that Proof of Stake has finally become the official mechanism for validating network operations. Thus, Ethereum 2.0 allows us to do native staking to create validation nodes within the network, and on the other hand, enables the generation of so-called staking pools powered by this currency.

Ethereum staking is in this case the starting point of our journey through the best cryptocurrencies to stake for a very powerful reason: ETH is the second largest cryptocurrency of the ecosystem and one of the networks with the most active development in the community. Basically, this currency is key in the development Web3 and the prospects for development that hover over it are gigantic. 

Polygon MATIC follows in the footsteps of the king

Next to Ethereum, Polygon (MATIC) is another rapidly growing ecosystem. Even with the arrival of Ethereum 2.0, Polygon's growth will continue to be unstoppable. The reason? Ethereum 2.0 will not fulfill the promise of high scalability that its users have been asking for since 2017, at least not until the arrival of shards in 2024, according to the developers' roadmap.

With this perspective, Polygon, which currently stands as the main scalability sidechain of Ethereum, has great possibilities to continue growing and consolidating, and that means that its token it will continue to appreciate in value over time, something that will fascinate stakers of this coin.

In addition to this, Polygon is becoming a development hub blockchain beyond the borders of Ethereum, with unique capabilities for BaaS deployment (Blockchain as a Services) and the development of business/industrial quality applications, which will simply strengthen the development of this currency and the more than 500 thousand nodes that make up this network. Thus, in parallel with the development and promotion of Ehereum and Web 3.0, Polygon is another excellent option for cryptocurrency staking.

Cardano and ADA, an excellent option for staking

Cardano It is a blockchain network that little by little has been gaining followers in the ecosystem. From being a network in which few had faith, Cardano has become a benchmark in the ecosystem, showing that things can be done in a very different and well-crafted way. The arrival of smart contracts y DeFi to this network was a radical change in the way the community saw Cardano, and this boosted trust in it, something that we can see in the strong revaluation of its token and what this meant for its stakeholders.

Along with that, its creator, Charles Hoskinson, who at the time was a co-founder of Ethereum, has made it clear that the development of Cardano is well thought out and that it does not stop, with developments that promise to put Cardano above the odds. of networks like Ethereum 2.0. Developments like Hydra, to reach a new level of scalability or Basho, a whole new era for Cardano that promises to take Cardano to a new level of development. And in fact, the idea is very clear: to compete directly, both in capabilities and technology, with the big cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, and even with the next cryptocurrency on our list of the best for staking.

Solana, a network with a great future

Solana is a blockchain network that has a very clear objective: to offer powerful smart contracts at a low cost and with high speed of operation. At this point, Solana fulfills what it promises, although with some elements that can be improved, since it is still a beta development. This situation has led to certain stability problems and even reboots of its network, events that its community has overcome and that the developers have worked hard to solve.

But, beyond this, the future of Solana is quite clear: being a high-speed network, listed among the 10 largest cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem, with significant DeFi, GameFi and NFT development, Solana clearly stands out as an important space that stakers should be aware.

Polkadot, another ecosystem with great possibilities

Another great option for staking can be seen in Polkdot. This network is another blockchain project that seeks to develop a broad ecosystem of decentralized applications designed for DeFi. Its creator, Gavin Wood, is a co-founder of Ethereum and has been working on the development of Polkadot since 2017, trying to make this project a benchmark within the blockchain for building Web3 applications.

Along with Polkadot we have the Kusama network, a network that is used by Polkadot devs as a functional blockchain in which the development of technologies is much faster. In fact, Kusama can be seen as a rolling-release of Polkadot, a space where the technologies that will later reach Polkadot are developed and tested.

In this way, Polkadot and Kusama become a duet to take into account for staking, especially when we see that its development continues to be fast and continuous, allowing us to enjoy its interesting features.

The best platform for staking: Bit2Me Earn

A perfect platform for staking each and every one of the coins we just named is Bit2Me Earn. This service allows you to stake and farming of various cryptocurrencies, using an interface designed to make it as easy as a couple of clicks. Thanks to this interface, any user can stake or farm and thus obtain rewards for their cryptocurrencies.

Among the advantages offered by Bit2Me Earn we can mention:

  1. Competitive APYs on major cryptocurrencies.
  2. The service is free.
  3. You pay no fees for deposits or withdrawals.
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  5. There is no minimum or maximum amount to use the staking service.
  6. There are no entry or exit limits.
  7. There is no minimum term or blocking times.
  8. You enjoy rewards compounded daily or weekly automatically.

All you have to do is create a Bit2Me account and with that you will be able to make use of this exclusive service with which you can stake the five currencies that we have just mentioned, along with another of the 19 supported currencies.


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