Introduction to cryptocurrencies

A new form of money based on advanced crypto

UA cryptocurrency is a new type of digital currency that does not have to depend on central entities that issue and control money. They are purely digital currencies, so they can be transferred anywhere in the world in seconds and without intermediaries.

What are cryptocurrencies

Like any other currency, it can be exchanged for goods and services just as we do with traditional currencies such as the Euro or the Dollar.

The differences from traditional fiat money (euros, dollars ...) are several. Among them we can highlight that cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any government or institution and their value depends directly on the trust that users place in them.

Another main characteristic of cryptocurrencies is that they are based on cryptography (preventing operations from being easily modifiable), they are open source (auditable for anyone) and their accounting book is made up of a network of thousands of computers that make up their blockchain (chain of blocks in Spanish).