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What are altcoins?

Altcoins were born with the firm intention of diversifying and improving the crypto ecosystem with options beyond Bitcoin. Let's get to know some of these altcoins and how they have enriched the crypto ecosystem today.


MINAR BITCOIN, what is it and how does it work?

The bitcoin mining process is always the same, miners receive a new mathematical problem every ten minutes and the fastest to solve it takes the new coins that are put into circulation. This mathematical problem is based on random calculations that aim to find the solution and thus obtain the validation of the block.


Learn about the history of bitcoin, behind one of the most important moments in the history and evolution of Bitcoin, learn how the first Bitcoin transaction was made and the impact that this event had on the world as we know it now.


Bitcoin is a software, a protocol and a currency. These three characteristics allow one of the applications of Bitcoin to be to form a global, transparent payments network, based on open source and single currency.


The bitcoin halving is an event in which the block reward of a cryptocurrency is divided in half in order to reduce its emission level. It was initially implemented in Bitcoin and since then it is one of the most important processes in its economic system

What is the BLOCKCHAIN ​​or chain of blocks?

The chain of blocks, or Blockchain in English, is an accounting ledger where all the digital events that have occurred and occur within a network, such as Bitcoin, are recorded. It is a detailed record that is "distributed" or shared among all the different parties connected to a network, and that can only be updated based on the consensus of the majority of its participants.

What are SMART CONTRACTS or Smart Contracts?

A smart contract is a special type of instructions that is stored in the blockchain. And it also has the ability to self-execute actions according to a series of parameters already programmed. All this in an immutable, transparent and completely secure way.


Cryptocurrency wallets or purses are the bridge that allows us to manage our cryptocurrencies. A piece of software or hardware with which to carry out the reception and sending operations through the blockchain network of each cryptocurrency.

BITCOIN transactions, what are they and how do they work?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions are an essential part that allow us to use and enjoy our funds quickly, safely and easily. Learn about how they work and the infinite possibilities they offer us.

How to AVOID BITCOIN and Cryptocurrency SCAMS?

Bitcoin is money. In fact, it is the best type of money, a much safer, fair and comfortable money for people to use. However, it is a relatively new type of money, and there is a lot of cheek trying to scam people by taking advantage of their ignorance.

TAXES in BITCOIN and Cryptocurrencies - What to declare in Spain?

In Spain Bitcoin does not have a clearly established legal status, but despite this it is not illegal to use it and the authorities are clear about what cryptocurrency taxes you must pay under certain conditions. Here we will talk a little about these conditions and what we must take into account to avoid breaking the Law in any case.

How much is a BITCOIN worth? How and who determines your PRICE?

How is the Price of a BTC determined? Bitcoin is a distributed financial system, which is not issued by any government or company (although it is increasingly supported by them) and is not considered legal tender in any country until now ...

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum is one of the most important blockchain in the world of cryptocurrencies and responsible for many of the revolutionary technologies that seek to transform the world as we know it.

WHAT is STAKING and how does it work?

The staking process consists of acquiring cryptocurrencies and keeping them locked in a wallet in order to receive profits or rewards. It is a process very similar to the HODL, only that at stake the balances are blocked and you cannot use them freely. At the same time, it contributes to the operation and functioning of the blockchain of that same cryptocurrency.

How many BITCOIN are there going to be?

One of the most common questions of those who have just arrived in the world of Bitcoin is, How much is the total bitcoin emission and who controls it? In this article we will explain in simple words how much the total bitcoin issue will be and how this parameter is controlled within a decentralized network.

What is the HASH RATE?

The Hash Rate is one of the most important concepts in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its impact can not only be seen in issues such as the security of the blockchain, but also in its decentralization and the sustainability of the network over time.

What is a satoshi (unit of measure)?

What is a satoshi? Satoshi is bitcoin's smallest unit of account, and the medium that allows this digital cryptocurrency unparalleled payment flexibility. Learn more about it and how you can use it in the real world.

What is a token?

Tokens are one of the most essential creations of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, enclosing unique features and opening doors for applications that we have yet to discover.

What is an NFT token?

NFT tokens or non-fungible tokens are a solution created to allow us to represent objects with unique, unrepeatable and indivisible qualities within a blockchain.


Learn how to install an Ethereum (ETH) node through GETH. One of the great freedoms in the world of cryptocurrencies is to run your own node, and Ethereum is no exception to the rule allowing us to run a Geth node (Go-Ethereum) without major problems.

What is SIACOIN (SC) and how does your SKYNET work? Learn to Create a SC NODE

SiaCoin (SC) is an interesting proposal that uses the power and potential of Blockchain technology to create an uncensored and secure cloud storage system.

What is and how is a Bitcoin PRUNED NODE created?

Pruned nodes, or pruned nodes, is a type of full node that allows us to take advantage of their enormous security, but reducing their Blockchain storage requirements so that we can run them on practically any device.