Bitcoin was born as a reliable method of payment for goods and services without the need for third parties such as banks. Buy bitcoins It can be quite simple and its adoption by physical and digital stores is on the rise.

La first recognized transaction And that established the first value for Bitcoin was the purchase of two pizzas at Papa John's. 10.000 bitcoins were paid for those two pizzas, which in fiat money were priced at about $30. The bet of the American pizza chain and Laszlo Haynek's interest in paying with bitcoins started a wave that has been joined by a large number of physical and digital establishments. We will see what these are.


What can you pay with bitcoin: travel, leisure and free time

Are you planning to go on vacation soon? Do you want to make a cultural visit to a city? Would you like to buy your theater tickets with bitcoin? You can do all this and much more thanks to companies that have opted for bitcoin as a payment method.

  • Destination: The Spanish company specialized in travel also offers the possibility of paying for everything related to our getaways. Accept payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.
  • 13tickets: Ticket portal for different events and experiences that has been made known prominently after reaching an agreement with Real Madrid to offer users tickets for the Bernabeu Tour and pay for them through bitcoins.
  • Bankia Principe Pío Grand Theater: This theater in Madrid led by Santiago Segura, Luis Álvarez and José Mota allows you to pay for tickets and subscriptions through bitcoins.
  • SurfAir: It is a private flight company that offers the option of trips to the United States, Europe and the rest of the world which you can pay for using Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.
  • Virgin Galactic: If your idea of ​​an extreme vacation is to go beyond a normal flight, Virgin Galatic may be the answer. This company seeks to take you to the limits of the atmosphere to experience space and for this you can pay using Bitcoin since 2013.