Dash InstantSend is an option that allows you to make instant payments and with low commissions. A solution designed to work in the Dash masternode structure and which is currently the default form of Dash transactions.

Lto DASH's InstantSend feature, allows you to send payments instantly to another person. This means that if you are making a payment at a merchant and use InstantSend, this merchant will receive your payment instantly. This is a perfect feature for a digital payment system, as it resembles cash transactions.

The ability to use InstantSend payments has been extensively tested to the point that it is now the default option for all types of payments made using official Dash wallets. With this, the Dash team wants to offer the best experience of using your cryptocurrency.

How does InstantSend work?

The operation of InstantSend occurs in a series of well-defined phases, among which are:

Transaction formation

At this point the user begins to carry out their transaction. This is marked for recognition by the network as an InstantSend transaction. This brand has two well defined objectives. The first start the selection of the quorum of masternodes which processes the transaction. The second is to block the funds to prevent a double spending attack.

This blocking system allows the transaction to be taken and processed quickly. For this, an alternate confirmation unit is created to the main network made up of the quorum of 10 masternodes. Once this quorum has been chosen, the second phase of the process begins, the confirmation of the transaction.

Masternode quorum and transaction confirmation

After the choice of the 10 masternodes, they begin to vote on the validity of the transaction block. If a consensus is not reached between the masternodes, then the transaction will require a standard commit to ensure it is valid.

This is an InstantSend protection to face cases where the quorum cannot reach consensus, which occurs when 6 of the 10 masternodes take the transaction as valid. Once the masternodes validate the transaction, they send information about the result to the network in ways that everyone respects it.

After this point, the transaction becomes effective and then both the user and the merchants can see the transaction. In this case, the user will see the payment transaction and the merchant will receive the money from the transaction.

Best of all, the InstantSend payment process is virtually instantaneous. The process described above takes on average a maximum of 1 second to complete. This makes Dash a perfect means of payment at the level of conventional systems such as debit or credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard or other centralized and proprietary payment systems.

Dash InstantSend use cases

Retail purchases at any merchant that accepts Dash

Imagine that you go to your favorite store and have the ability to pay for your purchase using Dash. In this way, you can choose the payment option using InstantSend, go to the cashier, make the corresponding payment and it will be completed in just a few seconds.

This is as if you had paid using a debit or credit card, or even as if you had used cash. In either case, the process is quick and safe for both parties.

Payment of private and public services at the moment

Another advantage of Dash's InstantSend instant payments is the ability to make quick payments for public or private services. For example, you can go to a subway station, order your tickets and pay with Dash quickly using this option.

For example, you can also use it to pay for a taxi or bus ticket without any problem. The payment you make will come instantly to the person, who can make use of said money from the moment it is reflected in their wallet.

Withdraw cash from cryptocurrency ATMs

If you need cash quickly, the best option for this is an ATM. The ATMs of cryptocurrencies, They allow you to buy or sell cryptocurrencies very quickly. However, these are limited to the capacity of the blockchain, their block generation and transaction confirmation times. For example in Bitcoin you must wait between 10 to 30 minutes for a transaction to receive its first confirmation, depending on network usage. This means that you must spend 10 to 30 minutes in front of the cashier. Nothing practical really.

But with Dash's InstantSend this changes dramatically. With this option you can buy or sell Dash instantly. That way you can receive your cash quickly and without complications.

DASH instantsend, allows you to withdraw money at an ATM

How much do you know, cryptonuta?

Does InstantSend offer protections against double-spending attacks?


InstantSend's operating structure is built to make it resistant to double-cost attacks. In fact, Dash developers are always looking for ways to improve this feature and make it much more secure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of InstantSend


  1. The system is secure. InstantSend is built on the basis of operating in a secure model that avoids double-spending attacks and at all times guarantees that the funds will reach their destination.
  2. It is instantaneous. The process of making the payment and receiving them at the destination address is practically instantaneous. This allows the payment of goods and services quickly and efficiently.
  3. It is highly scalable. InstantSend's payment system offers high scalability thanks to its infrastructure and working model using masternodes.
  4. Service fees are very low.
  5. The InstantSend payment process is integrated into the Dash code and is part of its official features. This unlike for example, Lightning Network or Liquidity Network, which are second-level off-chain solutions that are not a direct part of the development of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies capable of using these features.
  6. It is technically simpler, easier to maintain and to improve compared to other instant payment systems using cryptocurrencies.


  1. Although the process can be very safe, there are risks associated with choosing the quorum. A possible attack vector would be that at least one of the 10 chosen masternodes can be violated to give rise to a double-cost attack. The fact that such a small quorum makes a decision of this magnitude is what leads to this failure being present no matter how small its probability.
  2. InstantSend can only be used in Dash wallets that support this feature. Otherwise the transaction will be carried out as a normal transaction on the network.